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Sometimes You Just Need a Cookie

The chocolate chip cookie.  Next to a hug, it's the best nonverbal "I love you". A fresh baked cookie has a nostalgic power like no other. I love

That Moment

Here’s how it goes. You get comfortable in your daily routine, your weekly routine. The way you fill the day, the way you

Walking Out On An Unwanted Guest

It’s been happening every year. So regular that I wait expectantly, like an unwanted guest coming for a visit. A long visit. I don’t typically have to accept

Eggs Bene-quicked

I am a breakfast kinda gal... I've recently seen discussion of breakfast not being the most important meal of the day as previously claimed. In further research -

My Surest Way to Eat Healthy

Quick, Easy, and Versatile. Food prep is a must for me -- we are typically running out the door somewhere and coming back to the house with rumbling

Worthy Fitness

Find worth in your everyday choices towards health.

Hi, I’m Jerilynn, the founder of Worthy Fitness.

Worthy fitness was founded with the mission to make the idea of health attainable to everyone. You will find encouragement towards your next step of health.

Specifically, we will encourage you to start inside – understanding your full worth. We can then build health habit around that idea to point you in a direction that is right for you. This idea may not look like a magazine cover or a triathlete, and that is ok, in fact, that’s great. We are looking for you to find the best version of you. Finding enjoyment and contentment in the ways you move and nourish yourself.

I am so happy to have you here. Please contact me with any questions or thoughts on how we can help you –  living a fuller, happier, healthier life.

Start Your Journey Today.

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