20 Minutes, 20 Days

Are You Up for this September Walking Challenge?


It’s time to find inspiration this month. Whether you moving so fast you are wondering where you can find the time, or if you have been longing to set a routine of movement for yourself.  The numerous benefits of walking from stress relief, to aiding in digestion, and physical fitness are clear; This is the perfect time to join.

With the ability to walk wherever you are, we will keep each other accountable and encouraged from around the world! Post what you were inspired by with each walk by using #walkthisway on Facebook. Let’s get started together.

The Challenge will run September 1-30.
You will receive weekly emails with ways to stretch yourself mentally, physically, and relationally.

My goal, is to make this a time that fills you up. That may mean taking the time to be by yourself or inviting a friend or spouse to join you. It can be a time when you soak up the sounds of nature, or indulge in your favorite music or audiobook. What will help boost your day and breath life into you?


Several questions have come in on how fast you can / need to go… What if I don’t go very far? … Can I run? .. This is your challenge. I want you to find a pace that is joyful and inspirational. The challenge is the time and committing to daily movement, not the pace.

The 20 minutes was meant to be an achievable bite sized time. If you want to keep going, great! Please note that it still only counts as one day.. So an hour walk would count toward 1 of your 20 days.

You should have received an email when you registered, and then every Friday the month of September. Check your junk mail first and then set Worthy Fitness as a trusted source. Feel free to contact worthy.fitness.health@gmail.com if you would like to confirm your email address.

I know life is crazy. I love that you are willing to make movement a priority even if it means fitting it in while your kids are napping or on the ipad! I would also challenge you to think outside the box.. could your kiddo/s come along with you? Maybe a nature walk? Or for a faster pace, in a stroller. If physically walking can be painful.. is there a pool you have access to? But the bottom line, is yes. Inside movement will count too. I challenge you in love to see how many you can commit to outside, as long as that is a good choice for your body xx

Please know there can be risks in starting a new exercise program. Please consult with your doctor before you start this program.
You are responsible for exercising within your own limits. Jerilynn Campos and Worthy Fitness are hereby waived from any liability
to any ailment that may occur while participating in this program.