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The chocolate chip cookie.  Next to a hug, it’s the best nonverbal “I love you”.

A fresh baked cookie has a nostalgic power like no other. I love baking this spin on the original Quaker Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookie. Not only is the taste on point; this cookie uses 1/2 the butter, 75% less sugar and incorporates whole grains to help satisfy, instead of putting you into a sugar craving high.

Give these this healthier version a try! Share with you family and neighbors.




What are your best cookie memories?

I remember the light green Tupperware container my mother would store chocolate chip cookies in.  She always used margarine instead of butter.. I think that’s what made the so deliciously crispy!

Grandma showing me how to use the meat tenderizer to press the checkered design on top of a peanut butter cookie.


Post your memories in the comments…