Strengthening Your Body for Life

There are so many options for movement. I challenge you to find a way to move that will strengthen you for life! So you can pick up heavy things, Push through doors, pull weeds, balance to prevent injuries. There are, in fact, scientific, achievable ways to mold our body to our “liking”… then what? I mean, “nice bicep pump”, but tell me how that brought you fulfillment.  As I had to tell a client recently, “Stop micromanaging your butt.” It takes too much energy for very little impact, and quite honestly, it’s draining.


Where do I start?

  • Walking Challenge 
    We just finished up a challenge! It was a great way for hundreds of people to commit to moving on a daily basis; 20 minutes, 20 days within the month. Maybe you can make that commitment this month! 
  • Find a class or a trainer
    Start with someone who can help you with functional movements (Big muscle lifts, pulls, and pushes). A professional will help to guide you with good form, activating muscles vs. joints, lessening your risk of injury and helping your take on life more confidently.
  • Modify or Ask for Help
    when something doesn’t feel right – don’t let your ego get in the way. So many times we get embarrassed when we can’t perform an exercise or when a movement aggravates something in your body. A good trainer / coach should be able to assist you with modifications or with your form or be able to refer you to someone who can help. 

This is Part 2 of a 4 Part series. Come back each day for another functional truth for greater health.