Welcome to Worthy Fitness. I am hoping to authentically share my journey with you – it  may sound familiar or completely different than your own.  And that’s the beauty of our personal journeys – we get to learn from and be inspired by eachother.   

Chances are, you didn’t find me because you saw me training in a crop top and craved my six pack. Chances are you didn’t find me because I promised you a quick fix to make you’re the right person. You probably found me because those things didn’t seem like enough. Maybe you’ve achieved the “optimum” fitness or have been chasing that mirage for years.

The fact is, if you looked at my stomach, it isn’t what they are looking for on Women’s Health Magazine…  You will find marks of rapid growth a stomach stretch for life and extra skin with squishy proof of a home that grew three amazing children.  And it wouldn’t take me long to nitpick a dozen other physical reasons I am not worthy to be in a position to tell others about “health”.

In fact the morning I was going in to take my Personal Training test, I had a wave of self-doubt come over me: “Why are you even doing this — No one will listen to you — what do you have to show them?”  Can you relate?

For me, the negativity came in the form of numbers on a BMI chart (reference for your “ideal” weight range for your height), less than perfect squat form, and jeans that wouldn’t snap shut.

I had to shut that negative businass down. THAT is exactly why I am here. That “not enough” self talk. The lies that convince us to give up.

The truth is, encouraging and leading is my passion – my gift. It’s what gives me life. My goal was never to squeeze someone into a BMI box or pair of pants. And that squat form– it was not perfect, but I know what stretches and postural adjustment to make in order to correct it — to help my body be balanced and strong.

I am here to help you continue your journey in a little healthier way everyday. I want you to love and feel grateful for the food you get to nourish yourself with. I want you to move the beautiful body you were given in a way that leaves a smile on your face. And I want you to take time to care for yourself in a way that allows you to spill joy onto those around you. And that’s what you’ll find here on this page — thoughts, recipes, and ideas for movement that will encourage you to make the most of your journey.  

Thank you for joining us.